J1 students destroy rental house in San Francisco

Irish J1 students have destroyed a rental house in San Francisco during their working holiday in America.

The landlady, Ritu Vohra, described the damage to be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Windows were smashed, walls were broken down, the chandeliers and toilets were broken and a large amount of rubbish was left behind.

The reports gained traction both at home and across the United States and was shown on the local CBS network news.

Vohra let her house to seven J1 students for the summer. Instead of seven tenants, it is believed up to 14 people have been identified as living in the house.

One of the students involved has apologized to Vohra and has also offered to pay for the damage caused in the house in Sunset District.

The student told Vohra that he went out to a nightclub and brought Irish people over, who invited more people to the party. According to the student the party got out of hand as people started wrecking the house.

“I don’t think they did it. I think it was someone else, the party got out of hand and someone else did it. Why would anyone do that?” a DCU student, Hannah Moran, told to the College View, “they panicked and they fled”, she added.

The young student told Vohra that they didn’t know what to do and didn’t have the money to pay for the damage at the time so they left San Francisco.

Irish construction companies in San Francisco have offered their help to Vohra in repairing the trashed house. The Irish community is ready to make amends and the response has been amazing in San Francisco and also amongst other J1 students.

In an interview on RTÉ Radio One,Minister for Foreign Affairs , Charlie Flanagan, stated that the groups’ behavior doesn’t reflect the behavior of young Irish students who go abroad on J1 visas yearly and has commended the reaction of the Irish community in San Francisco.

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