Freshers Fortnight – a social round up

Sunday the 14th of September saw the dawn of not only another year in DCU but another event filled Freshers fortnight. Walking through the campus it was impossible to miss the underlying air of excitement as over a thousand fresh-faced first years piled into DCU.

In the run up to Freshers the hub was already a hive of excitement with the Students’ Union working hard to create yet another fun filled week with events to suit everyone from the alcohol fiends to activity addicts. This resulted in a jam packed calendar and an unforgettable two weeks – a perfect platform for any freshers hoping to experience college life to the full.

Freshers Fortnight hosted many versatile events including Fear Factor, the Frat Party, a morning rave and the Iron stomach competition. Wednesday night saw the first of the main events kick off in the Wright Venue with the Orientation ball. With busses running from the college and The Dead Prezidents attending the night contained an electric atmosphere in an amazing venue. For the braver students willing to fight off their hangovers there was also the promise of a morning rave the following morning.

The return of Shite night was a favourite for most, with both incoming and returning students delighted to hear the Eastenders theme tune blaring. However, for students the most popular events seemed to be Freshers Fest and of course DCU’s own Neil Delemere.

“Delamere was the perfect act to welcome freshers to DCU. Hilarious, insightful, and not afraid to make anyone in the audience his prisoner,” said journalism student Kevin Kelly.

Emily Hawkins

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