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Most of us look to our favourite celebrities for fashion and style inspiration. Stars such as Olivia Palmero, Alexa Chung and Cara Delevinge often grace the pages of glossy magazines, displaying their fresh and on-trend looks. Yet sometimes celebrities step a little too far out of the comfort zone and have us second guessing their style choices. But before long, their crazy fashion choices become a ‘trademark trend’ in our everyday lives.
In the past, some of us may have believed that the idea of a blanket cape only belonged in old Western films and the thought of thigh high boots would make our mothers tremble in fear, but these fashions have become some of the most on-trend pieces for this season.

The Blanket Cape


The Burberry Blanket Cape first came onto our radar during Fashion Week last February. Since then the blanket cape/poncho/wrap has exploded onto the fashion scene, with celebrities such as Suki Waterhouse, Cara Delevinge and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley endorsing the somewhat strange, outerwear garment. Made of wool and cashmere, this oversized scarf will set you back around €1,200. We’ve heard that Ikea are doing some great dupes…

Thigh High Boots


Until recently, thigh high boots were often thought of as a bit too racy to be taken seriously. Reserved for risky Halloween costumes, these boots were not a piece for the faint-hearted. However this autumn, they are apparently the hottest trend of the moment. Stars like Victoria Beckham, J-Lo and Oliva Palmero are often seen rocking these on a normal, everyday basis. They’re certainly a far cry from a typical riding boot.

Faux Fur everything



Before I jump right in, I applaud celebrities endorsing faux-fur, yet sometimes they can take it a little too far. At the moment we are seeing faux-fur on everything; coats, gilets, bags, purses, shoes and even key-rings. While faux will always be a winter favourite, I definitely believe celebrities could dial it back a few notches. We’re looking at you Khloe K. Who are we kidding? We’re not Carrie Bradshaw, and even she didn’t find use for her furry pom-pom heels.

The Shirt dress


There’s definitely a Marmite feeling towards the shirt dress, you either love it or hate it. While some may think of it as an over-hyped, oversized men’s shirt, others believe it to be a staple wardrobe piece. While the shirt dress has been knocking around fashion houses for quite some time now, lately it has been brought into the media’s eye with the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Miranda Kerr sporting the look. If you’re not one for skin-tight cocktail dresses, maybe this one is for you.

Orlaith Farrell

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