ManTalk: The Nice Guy

Around this time of year, there is one question on the mind of every red-blooded male on campus: what is the most effective method of getting some girl into bed at the end of the night? Some accomplish this with varying degrees of success and others go home to cuddle that extra pillow their mother packed for them.

The one phrase you will have heard being thrown around by these pillow-hugging bachelors is that they are ‘nice guys’. Why would no girl go after a nice guy? Is he not a catch? Look at him, he will even list off the reasons why he’s a prize specimen and that any woman would, and more importantly, should be happy to have him. Lucky, even.

In truth, there are very few genuinely nice guys, I wouldn’t even classify myself as one. If you have ever been told that you are a nice guy and you responded “thanks” or “I know, right?” then chances are you probably aren’t. You are not as nice of a guy as you thought you were. While yes, all of your girl-friends might think you’re lovely, there is a reason they have never made a move on you.

What sets the supposed nice guy apart from any other man on a night out? Does he spend just a little bit too long chatting to girls? Does he bad mouth other men to make himself more desirable? Does he cock block you and think he is saving you? Get real. Girls are out for the night on the cheap Tesco wine to have fun and maybe pull, the exact same reasons that you’re out. They don’t want saving and you might be driving them further away from you.

If you still think you’re a nice guy and can’t figure out why women don’t like you, it may be because you’re playing it too safe. Try to make yourself more exciting, or even just seem that way. Have a cheesy joke at the ready. Take an interest in the person you are talking to and the topic you are talking about. See what they are wearing and maybe make a comment on it. Their clothes are more than just a decoration for your bedroom floor. But this might not be your strength so, if you feel like a comment on their outfit might do more harm than good, avoid it.

But always remember that sometimes, the nice guy does finish last.

Chris Kennedy

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