Review: Gone Girl

David Fincher’s long awaited Gone Girl hit our screens on October 2nd. Based on Gillian Flynn’s thriller novel of the same name, the hype around the film was huge. Would it meet reader’s expectations? Would non-readers know what they were letting themselves in for? Would the twisted story travel well to the big screen? Well I can tell you that you will not be left disappointed by this film and it meets every expectation.

With a star studded cast including Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris and Rosamund Pike the characters are vibrantly brought to life. As many of us know, the story of Gone Girl is far from simple, with many personalities that need to be expressed. Without a doubt these actors were the best for the job, and although a difficult task, they portray Flynn’s odd characters brilliantly.

The story itself focusses on suburban bar owner Nick Dunne and the disappearance of his wife Amy Elliot Dunne. As the police investigate the disappearance of his wife unfortunate facts are brought to the surface about the couple’s marriage. The viewer is then brought on a tumultuous journey to try and find Amy that captivates you from beginning to end. It’s a dark, mysterious and intelligent film that leaves you constantly in suspense. It has something for everyone: intimate sex scenes (do not go with a family member, you’ve been warned), twisted and complex relationships, some black comedy, blood and gore and a lot of detail open to interpretation.

Those who had read the novel before seeing the film would naturally be apprehensive about it, nervous about what would be left out, but the answer is nothing. Nothing is left out. It’s for that reason, however, that it is two-and-a-half hours long. It’s a pleasant surprise to find that the film is so close to the original story that non-book readers lose out on very little detail. It is almost easier to understand the film than the novel as it is played out in front of you on the big screen.

The minor flaws that could be pointed out about Gone Girl are that there is a lot of jumping back and forth and you will have to have your thinking cap firmly on while watching to keep up. You will also find yourself saying “plot twist” repeatedly (maybe say it in your head though). An issue non-readers of the novel may have when they see this film is the ending. Not to give anything away, but the ending is poor for such a large story, it’s anti-climactic. However, don’t let that put you off seeing the film because it is still extremely enjoyable and one not to be missed.

The best way to review a book or a film in a positive light is to be able to say that it merits re-watches and re-reads, and with this both are recommended, fifty times over. Definitely go and see Gone Girl if you can.

Pippa Doyle

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