Two DCU academics receive Teaching Heroes award

Two DCU academics won a national Teaching Heroes award for going above and beyond the call of their educational duties.

Stella Vlachou and Brian Leavy were nominated by students who co-ordinated with the National Forum For the Enhancement of Teaching.

‘I received the e-mail during a two week break in Athens, my homeland; looking at it I truly couldn’t believe it was true. I was laughing and crying at the same time’ said Ms Vlachou.

‘I go into class and even if it’s the worst day of my life, the first thing is be real, if I’m not feeling great I’ll let my students know. I’m very expressive and when it relates to my module there’s a huge enthusiasm there.’

Mr Leavy said: ‘I’m coming to the end of my career, so the timing was very nice. Stella is the future of teaching in DCU, and it’s in good hands.’

‘Good teaching will always be a mix of science and art, the teaching methodologies and principles and then what you personally bring. It’s to do with who you are, your proffessional competance and your passion.’

Mr Leavy is retiring at the end of this academic year after 33 years of teaching, and Stella has already been working in DCU for three years.

The awards where created to recognise and celebrate the impact teachers in Higher Education have on students.

Chai Brady

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