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Well it’s that time of year again: Halloween. No doubt there will be black cats and scream masks out in their hundreds like always, and although it is very easy to concoct the most OTT and breath-taking costume that will assure we stand out from the crowd, for many of us our bank accounts are not quite as OTT as we would like. So here are three great Halloween costume ideas that you can make at home, on the cheap.


  • The wind-up doll;
    This cute yet somewhat creepy costume is so easy. A colourful wig, some floral attire, a teddy and frilly socks are the outfit requirements. To make the doll’s handle, use cardboard and either grey paint or masking tape. Use eyeliner for the stitches if painting isn’t your thing.


  • Maleficent;
    I imagine that this is going to be one of the most popular costumes this year because of the movie that came out this year. When it comes to the clothes, stick with black. For her makeup it’s all about the cheekbones and the red lips, but here’s the tricky part: to make the horns, all you need are two empty toilet roll pieces and black masking tape. Cover the cardboard with the tape going round and round, narrowing all the way until (ta-da) they’re shaped like horns. Attach them to a hairband, and with a bit of backcombing you’re good to go.

halloween costume - maleficent


  • The tiger;
    Now I know I said cats were unoriginal, but this is the ultimate cat. Fake ears and all black attire, as usual. Then with a sponge, use face paint (no need for expensive body paint), and dab orange down your legs, up your arms, onto your shoulders and on the outside of your face. Add a few thin stripes with a narrow paint brush and voila, a cat with a bit of pizzazz.


Halloween costume - tiger


Emma Dungan

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