Halloween makeup ideas

While Halloween is one of our favourite times of year, coming up with an idea for a costume scares most of us half to death. Thinking of a costume, spending money on a costume and actually trying to pull the costume off can be a difficult chore. So, why not get a little creative with your eyeliner and lipstick? Pick up a make-up brush, root around for a few cheap face paints and get started on creating the perfect Halloween look.

Comic-book kid



This simple look can be achieved so easily, and the overall look is fantastic. First, draw an outline of your face shape with a black eyeliner pencil. Then using an old, red lipstick paint small polka dots on every inch of your face. It helps to use a lipstick brush for this. Then use your eyeliner to add detail to your face; draw lines on the crease of your eyebrows, your neckline and nose. Finally add brightly-coloured eye shadow, followed by exaggerated eyeliner and lipstick for the full effect.


Halloween makeup - Saw


Jigsaw is by far one of the creepiest, but easiest looks to create. Start by applying your regular foundation; use a couple of shades lighter to create a pale base. On your eyes, smudge black eye shadow on your lid and underneath, followed by black eyeliner. Use a lipstick brush and paint a red swirl on each cheek, using red lipstick. Finish with red lipstick and black eyeliner for extra detail. Throw on a red bow and white shirt and you’re good to go.


Halloween makeup - sugarskull


This is definitely the most creative and time-consuming look. Start by mapping out where you want your eye sockets to be; the larger the better. Fill this in with black/purple face paint. Then, using white face paint; paint the rest of your face. Let it dry, and then using black gel eyeliner, draw in your nose. Using the same eyeliner, fill in where you want your mouth to be and draw stitches across. After that, it’s up to you how creative you want to be. Small flowers look well around the eyes, then just add detail on your forehead and chin for extra effect.


Orlaith Farrell

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