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The world of blogging has exploded in recent years. You name it – there’s a blog post about it. Blogs are incredible as they are like your own online magazine, where you control every aspect of what is published. Whether you’re an old-time blogger, or are thinking of starting a blog, here are a few tips to help you get along.
1. Upload regularly – Choose the day (or days) that you want to publish on and stick to them. Having set days helps your readers know when to check back and when to expect new content.
2. Take bright, clear pictures – The kind of pictures you prefer is up to you, but bright, well lit pictures usually work well. Pictures are the first thing the reader sees when they visit your blog so make them as eye catching and appealing as possible.
3. Type how you talk – Let your personality come through in your writing. If you’ve a habit of saying funny things, throw them in. Write whatever comes naturally to you and what will be easy for your readers to understand and enjoy.
4. Reply to all comments – This is so important because it creates a relationship with your readers. If someone has taken the time to write something nice on your blog always reply back, it’s basic blogging etiquette.
5. Promote yourself on social media – Having an Instagram, Twitter page and Facebook for your blog will really help to promote it. The more people you tell the better.
6. Think of what you would like to read – Look through your Bloglovin feed and see what blogs you read everyday no matter what. What is it about them that makes you keep coming back? Write down a few pointers, and think of things that you feel are missing or that could be improved and apply them to your blog.
7. Triple check for spelling mistakes – Spelling mistakes happen to us all, but failing to check for errors can come across as lazy and careless.
8. Don’t give up – When it comes to blogging, success very rarely comes immediately. If it’s something you really enjoy doing, work hard at it and stick to it, then if success comes from it it’s just a bonus.
9. Pay attention to detail – All the little details add up, so if there’s a smudge of dirt on the background of a picture, remove it, if a sentence doesn’t really make sense, change it.
10. Have fun – Having fun when it comes to blogging is one of the most important things you can do. Having a blog is amazing because you have all of the control over it, so you can make it exactly as you like. Go crazy and have fun with it.


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