ManTalk: Makeup your mind

I want to talk about men wearing make up. I want to start with a good foundation and not conceal anything. This isn’t intended to make men wear blusher or guy liner and there are so many more puns I wanted to include but have to resist the urge.

On Thursday, October 16th, the DCU Cancer Society held an event called the Bros of Tralee. This was a brilliant event designed to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, with very witty talent and by the end of the night, everyone enjoyed themselves.

But what was interesting was that every one of the contestants said the same thing about getting ready: “This is so much effort, I don’t know how girls do it all the time”. It’s true, I was a contestant and had to get mah face did twice during the week and it really was an ordeal.

The next night you’re out on the tear, think about the effort that went into your conquest’s visage before you lick her face off. How long did she spend penciling her eyebrows? Applying fake tan? Straightening or curling her hair? Worrying about when she last wore that dress? And what did you do?

Classic night out preparations for a man are: hop in the shower, hop out of the shower, brush teeth, apply smelly spray and then throw your clothes on. For myself, I don’t shave. I don’t even iron my clothes. I’ve probably worn the same navy shirt on over thirty nights out in the last year.

But the attitude of men towards women wearing make up is completely wrong. Too little make up? “Ah she could do with doing herself up a little”. Too much make up? “She’s fierce caked in slap, you wouldn’t know her if you woke up beside her”. We talk an awful lot about a topic that we really do not understand.

So why bother? Why would you put on make up when we, the men you are trying to impress, don’t notice? That’s because women generally don’t put make up on for the sole purpose of attracting a mate. They do it to look nicer, to differentiate between what they are during the day and when they go out, to conceal blemishes and to make themselves feel better.

So the next time you’re creeping on Facebook and you want to make a comment on someone’s cosmetics, maybe take a moment to rethink and just don’t say it.

Chris Kennedy

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