NUI Galway Drug Patrols

Security patrols in NUI Galway have been stepped up after reports of heroin being openly used on campus grounds.

The Galway Tribune last week reported that members of the public had witnessed heroin users openly ‘shooting up’ in broad daylight at Dangan Sports ground.

As a result, the university has increased security patrols on campus and are working closely with the Gardai in line with procedures to clamp down on open drug use within the college grounds.

Used needles and other heroin paraphernalia have been found previously in the Dangan lands and regular patrols have been concentrated on that area.

The university was quick to assure in a statement that “the safety of students, staff and visitors to our open campus is of prime importance to the University.”

They also stated that university staff are fully trained in safely removing any drug materials and that such materials have been removed from their premises with little potential risk of exposure to the public.

Full support by the Gardai has been given to the university who urged the public and campus community to report any more incidents to the Gardai immediately.

The heroin users were shooting up on a scenic overlook at the River Corrib, in sight of Menlo Castle. The lands along the River Corrib banks were owned by NUI Galway.

Multiple passersby witnessed people burning drugs at the remains of the 19th century Tea House and bringing the results to teenagers drinking by the river. Some came back to the scene to find syringes, packets and spoons strewn on the ground.

“It’s very distressing to see something like this right before your eyes, in the open and not taking any notice of the public.” A witness told the Galway Tribune. “And there are lots of kids that play around that area who could easily prick themselves with a used syringe.”

According to Galway’s Garda Divisional Drugs Unit, over 100 heroin addicts are estimated to be in Galway City with a further 800 to be just dabbling in the drug.

Leandro Pondoc

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