Number of Trinity’s clubs and socs accounts deemed ‘unsatisfactory’

Thirteen of Trinity College Dublin’s clubs and societies accounts have been deemed unsatisfactory by the Central Societies Committee (CSC).

In a number or reports presented to the CSC term general meeting (TGM) on 30th September, several societies didn’t meet CSC requirements for reasons such as unexplained cheques and over-use of cash transactions.

Treasurer of the CSC, Andrew Burrows, explained in a report that accounts which were submitted after the closing date have automatically been deemed non-satisfactory.

With regard to the societies’ financial accounts he added “Of course, there are situations in which using cash is the only option but it is essential that you keep the receipt for the transaction.”

Burrows also warned that any society with non-satisfactory accounts for two consecutive years could face terminaton.

Auditor of The College Historical Society (CHS), Michael Coleman, said that the society’s poor financial records were “an accounting issue” relating to the previous year’s treasurer.

He added that he and the current committee are “working closely with CSC to ensure that our accounts this year will be absolutely perfect”.

Chair of the Pharmacutical Students Associaton (DUPSA), Dominic Redmond said that although the society’s accounts were deemed unsatisfactory, “there was no accusation of any wrongdoing and it was just an honest mistake where people didn’t keep receipts for all expenditure.”

“Ensuring the financial security of DUPSA for the future is a top priority for this year’s committee,” he said. “To this end, we have adopted a number of measures such as ensuring that all payments are fully recorded and easily traceable for everyone concerned.”

The CSC has also decided not to renew its membership of the Board of Irish College Societies (BICS) following criticism from the Chair of CSC, Éanna Drury, who said the board’s organisation of its annual awards is “less than satisfactory, with the majority of the work falling upon a small group of dedicated committee members.”

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