Stay happy this winter

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is one of the best and most exciting times of the year. Unfortunately however, the weather can sometimes leave us feeling miserable and sick. Between the heavy dull clouds that seem to constantly hang above us and the endless amounts of rain and cold, we are often left feeling cranky and irritable. So here are a few tips to keep you feeling full of life this winter.

  1. Invest in the right clothes – Get yourself a good woollen coat. Make sure to bring a hat, scarf, and gloves with you at all times. Trust me, if you don’t you will kick yourself later when you’re waiting at a bus stop and a storm suddenly arrives.


  1. Stay warm at home – For many students, electricity bills are a nightmare. However you don’t need to heat the entire house in order to stay warm. Make sure you layer up your socks and clothes, insulate vents and windows, and don’t forget to get that cosy winter duvet out.


  1. Buy a tea flask – This will really help to brighten up your mornings and keep you feeling warm and cosy. It can be used for keeping your coffee, hot chocolate or tea nice and warm for that long journey into work or college.


  1. Make your “nights in” worthy – Going to a club doesn’t always seem appealing when it’s below freezing outside. However, don’t just sit at home feeling sorry for yourself. Instead make your nights in as fun as possible. Luckily some of the greatest TV programmes start around this time of year. So call up your friends, order a pizza, get out some duvets and embrace the cosiness of your own home.


  1. Stay moisturized – The changes in temperatures can have a huge impact on our bodies and can often results in cracked lips, dry skin and sore eyes. Anyone who has experienced this will know how irritating this is, so avoid this by moisturising every night. It will make you feel much better about yourself and will keep you glowing during the winter.


  1. Take care of yourself physically – The winter flu creeps around every year, and there is nothing worse than this happening around the time of exams and assignments, so try to avoid this by keeping your immune system strong. Eat correctly, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and if possible invest in some multi-vitamins.


  1. Finally, enjoy the Christmas season! Embrace the festivities. Nothing can beat the “Winter Blues” better than being as sociable as you can. Christmas seems to bring out the best in people, so get involved! Organise a Christmas dinner party, buy an ugly Christmas jumper, go on as many “12 pubs of Christmas” as you can, get down to the pub for Christmas Eve, go shopping for presents with your friends, and finally, eat as much Christmas food as possible.


Elaine Fitzpatrick

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