The Oscar de la Renta Legacy

On Monday November 20th, the fashion world fell silent as news broke of the passing of one of its most influential designers.
When a person hears the name Oscar de la Renta, immaculate and intricate designs appear in their imagination, the iconic ladies such as Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Oprah spring to mind. Not to mention the A-list celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Adams and most recently Mrs. Amal Clooney who adored de la Renta’s exquisite work.
At 82 years, Mr de la Renta accomplished more in his life than other designers would only dare to imagine. Not only did he produce beautifully structured and fantastic designs, but he also paved the way for so many other designers and the industry itself.



In 1988, de la Renta’s designs became an international phenomenon when Nancy Regan wore one of his designs at the President’s dinner. Fast forward to Paris Fashion week 1991 where Mr de la Renta is named the first American designer to showcase his work at the prestigious event. Afterward his designs were propelled into mainstream culture; everywhere from Sex and the City to the stars on the red carpet.

Yet although being associated with the Hollywood icons of the past, the designer never lost his sense of the present, and he consistently strived to create modern and fresh garments, which is most noticeably seen on Amal Clooney’s wedding day.
While this week we had to say farewell to the beloved designer, we are left with the memory that his work will continue to be equally as wonderful in future generations. “When I started, the woman went to the store to buy a dress. She saw it in pink and red, and then she remembered that the husband, who is probably going to pay for the dress, loves it in pink. So she buys the pink. Today, the same woman goes to the store and remembers the husband likes pink, and she buys the red.” – Oscar de la Renta


Orlaith Farrell

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