Alexander Wang x H&M: A Review

For their 10th year anniversary of designer collaborations H&M have teamed up with the New-York based fashion designer Alexander Wang, once again bringing designer clothes to the high street at affordable prices. The collection was launched in H&M’s South King Street store in Dublin on November 6th.

Alexander Wang is famous for his sporty urban designs and this collection with H&M is loyal to his signature style. Expect a lot of crop tops, leggings, Wang branding and shoes which resemble scuba diving footwear. While the collection may not be to everyone’s liking it is exactly what you would expect of Alexander Wang. There is a strong black, white and grey theme throughout and the clothes are not traditionally feminine.

The collection has been highly anticipated since its announcement at Coachella this year. People (me included) have been dying to get a peek at the collection and finally it has been released. I quickly began browsing to see what pieces I’d pick up when I got in store and I was happy to see how affordable the clothes are (even for college students). Here are my top 5 picks from the collection, because unfortunately I won’t be able to buy the lot:


1. Crop Tops

alexXhm crop


2. Dress

alexXhm dress


3. Hat


alexXhm hat

4. Leggings

alexXhm leggings


5. T-shirt

alexXhm top

Michelle Bourke

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