Charity Auction 2014

Ladies: Do you lie in bed at night, cold and lonely, praying that someday, just someday, you will find that special someone? Someone who you will stay up having deep meaningful conversations with throughout a stormy night? Someone you can trust, someone you can rely on? Someone who displays interest, kindness and willyness? Oops, I meant willingness. Someone who isn’t afraid to be sensitive and vulnerable? A soul mate, if you will. Many believe there is no such person out there in the universe. Many believe movies like “The Notebook” or “Love Actually” create unrealistically high standards and the perfect relationship is simply impossible.

Guys: Are you tired of looking at that half empty tissue box beside your bed every night before you sleep, even though you still know it’s the only comfort you have in life? Are you looking for someone beautiful who will cater to your every need? Someone who will cook something just as beautiful as they are? A slave if you will.

Well ladies and gentlemen, you might just want to stick November 25th down in your diaries as there is a Charity Auction taking place in the Mercantile on Dame street. Here, a group of beautiful bachelors and bachelorettes hailing from Trinity, DCU, DIT and UCD, will each be auctioned off to the highest bidder all in the name of two charities; Pieta House and Our Lady’s Children Hospital, Crumlin. Both organisations have done amazing work in the past and the organisers, a group of young students from UCD, TCD and DIT, feel that the money raised from this event will go a long way and provide a lot of care for people who need it. I believe it was Tesco who once said: every little helps!  Tickets are €5 on the door and doors open at 9pm.


For more information, search for “Charity Auction 2014” on Facebook, or visit


Andrew Byrne

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