Leinster College shuts down

The English language school Leinster College ceased trading with immediate effect last week.

The college had informed students and staff the week before that it would be closing on a temporary basis. Staff and students were informed of this via a note posted on the door of the school premises.

It was later confirmed that the language school would not be reopening. This message was relayed to students and staff via a note on the college website which said: “Due to change in trading conditions Leinster College has ceased to trade with immediate effect. We apologise for inconvenience caused to all our clients and staff members.”

At the time of closure there was close to 200 students registered at the school. It employed 20 teaching staff as well as seven administration staff.

Leinster College had been collecting fees and charges from students up to the Friday evening before Monday’s closure announcement. It is currently unclear whether these students will be able to recover any fees that have been paid in advance.

A recent clampdown on abuses of the student visa system is seen as a major reason for the closure. Many students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) were arriving on student visas with the aim of getting work rather than studying.

In addition to that, all language schools will have to receive accreditation from the Accreditation and Co-Ordination of English Language Services (ACELS) from January 1st in order to continue operating. Language schools will face more stringent regulations with fewer being able to accept immigrant students. This is expected to have contributed to the shutdown of the college also.

These restrictions will severely limit the types of courses that non EEA citizens can enrol in. Students on study visas will also be limited in the amount of hours that they can legally work in order to curb abuses of the system.

John Casey

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