One-line reviews

Damien Rice’s My Favourite Faded Fantasy: Rice sounds like a Blue-era Joni Mitchell as he spins beautiful songs with astute and observant lyrics.

Caribou at Vicar Street: The word Sun has lost all meaning. Sun? Sun? Sun?

Dominic West to portray Ernest Hemingway in Genius: Dare I say “genius” casting?

Future’s Monster: The second half of “Throw Away” pretty much destroyed my soul.

Toy Story 4 announcement: I’m saving all my tears for 2017.

#RejectedStarWarsTitles: 100% Less Lucas, Awaken for What and The Forced Disney Sequel would have all been better than The Force Awakens.

Remembering that they’re making another Star Wars trilogy: How do you kill what’s already been ravaged?

The first Star Wars trilogy: Up there with the Mighty Ducks, Lord of the Rings and Toy Story trilogies.

The second Star Wars trilogy: Hayden Christensen is a really bad actor.

BBC’s Drive re-score: The next 1975 album will be really good and I forgot how great that motel room scene is.

Bryan Grogan, Stephen Keegan and Odrán de Bhaldraithe

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