The Man Bun

While men’s facial hair has dominated the style ranks for as long as we can remember, it now must step aside as a new phenomenon has taken over. Enter the man bun.

When Conor McGregor first stepped out sporting his ginger locks in a bun at the top of his head, no one would have ever imagined this to be the biggest hair trend since David Beckham bleached his hair. The dishevelled, messy look has taken over men’s pop culture and we must admit we don’t mind at all.

proudlock bun



With celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto and our beloved Oliver Proudlock rocking the hairstyle as of late, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most in-demand hairstyles in the nation. The effortless look requires a quick trip to the barbers and is easily achieved by shaving both sides of the hair and keeping extra length on top.

Although it was initially associated with the hipster movement of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, ever since our crown jewel of Ireland, Mr McGregor, rocked the ‘mun’ as it is known, the men of Ireland began growing out their tresses instantly. McGregor has added popularity and masculinity to the style, and it has become a widespread trend with all ages. While we must admit, we weren’t sold on the look at first; it has definitely grown on us.




However there are inclinations that the trend is going a little too far. Harry Styles recently shared a snap on his Instagram account, with braids running through his hair along with the ‘mun’, we feel Harry maybe trying a little too hard to impress our Conor.

But we feel the trend is here to stay for quite a while or until McGregor sports a new style. Right now, it’s practically as common as pumpkin spice lattes in county Dublin.


Orlaith Farrell

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