Bed-bugs force accommodation evacuation in Trinity

Several students of Trinity College in Dublin were forced to evacuate their accommodation earlier this month following a bed-bug outbreak in one of their apartment buildings.

Residents of House 69, Goldsmith Hall accommodation complex on Pearse Street, belonging to Trinity College Dublin, were evacuated from their residences when it emerged that one of the bedrooms had suffered from an outbreak of the insects.

Despite the outbreak being confined to just the single room in one apartment, all residents were forced to leave to avoid a wider outbreak of the bedbugs to other apartments or other residential complexes within the college.

The issue was first brought to light in an e-mail, sent by the college to students, warning the residents of an “insect infestation” which had been discovered in one of the bedrooms in House 69.

In a follow up e-mail sent on the 7th of November, students were informed of an “issue”. The affected students were then asked to report to the Accommodation Officer whom would explain “the nature of the problem”.

In a statement made to the University Times by Ian Mooney, Welfare Officer for the Trinity College Students’ Union, Mr Mooney said that “bed bugs regularly arrive in luggage, furniture, or other routes”.

“The incident is completely isolated and as far as I am aware, every precaution is being taken to ensure that it spreads no further”, Mooney added.

As well as being evacuated, the students have been asked not to bring any other clothes or personal belongings with the exception of laptops, tablets or mobile phones. However, Trinity College has also given the students involved 150 euro in order to cover the cost of personal belongings.

To compensate for the students losing their residences, the students involved have been allocated temporary accommodation in Dublin City Apartments on Granby Place, which is located behind the Convention Centre whilst the College carry out attempts to get rid of the insects, according to the University Times.

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