College hacks to prevent the piling pounds

As we all start to spend a little more time on campus trying to get those pesky Christmas assignments done and dusted, the temptation to ‘reward’ ourselves with munch for managing to stay a whole hour in the library and only going on Facebook 3 times is a hard one to resist, but alas people we must. As we all know, the Starbucks counter is very difficult to resist. The smell of hot lattes wafting through the air and heated double chocolate muffins is enough to drive anyone crazy.So here are 10 little hacks to curtail that college cushion.

  1. This one is a real pain. Take the stairs in the multi-story car park. You can do it. Work them buns.
  2. Get your latte, don’t punish yourself for God’s sake – but get it with skinny milk. Guarantee you won’t notice the difference.
  3. No cream on your hot chocolates guys and gals.
  4. A ”tall”, is not that small – make do.
  5. Resist the strategically positioned snack bars and packets of crisps at the counter.
  6. Bring a lunch with you to college. You’ll avoid the temptation of the ‘baked-goods’ section in the canteen.
  7. Next time you want to order chips for your dinner, swap them for sweet potato fries. So. much. better.
  8. Cut out the Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero. Face it. None of them are doing you any favours.
  9. Gals, get on the vodka and soda water buzz.
  10. Boys, get off the beer buzz and onto the vodka buzz. (The Ed Sheeran diet).


Emma Dungan

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