Men’s Gaelic football club take more than 10 percent of CLC budget

The DCU men’s Gaelic football club is the largest recipient of the Club Life Committee grant allocations for 2014-2015, pocketing €35,100.

Figures attained by The College View show that over 10 percent of the CLC budget was allocated to the men’s football club, with 67 percent of that allocation going towards covering the expenses of 11 coaches within the club.

The allocation received by the men’s GAA club is €10,000 more than was assigned to the men’s soccer club – the second largest recipient of the CLC grant allocations and the club with the third largest amount of signups at this year’s clubs and societies days.

The total budget of €345,570 was divided between 39 clubs with men’s GAA, men’s soccer, hurling, tennis and men’s rugby making up the top five recipients.

After two years of success that included reaching a league final and a Collingwood Cup semi-final the men’s soccer club have seen their allocation increase to €25,694, overtaking the hurling club as the second biggest receiver of funds.

The hurling club is now the third largest receiver of funds, pocketing €19,646 .

Overall, the five GAA clubs – men’s football, hurling, ladies’ football, camogie and handball – were awarded €80,340 – 23 percent of the total budget. This is down €21,996 in the last two years and the budget in total has dropped a similar amount in that time.

The camogie club was the recipient of the smallest budget of all of the GAA clubs taking in €7,618.

Of the five clubs that are divided into men’s and women’s sections – basketball, Gaelic football, rugby, soccer, hurling and camogie – the men’s clubs were allocated €105,184 while the women’s clubs received a total of €34,228, that’s €872 less than the men’s GAA club alone.

The surf ‘n’ sail club received the most amount of signups during the clubs and societies days, taking in 446 new members, and are now the 10th highest funded club in the college after they were allocated €12,724.

Below is a full list of club allocations.

Men’s GAA €35,100.63
Men’s Soccer €25,694.00
Hurling €19,646.50
Tennis €17,274.00
Men’s Rugby €17,210.25
Subaqua €15,605.15
Canoe €13,604.93
Clay Pigeon Shooting €13,373.00
Surf N’ Sail €12,724.10
Swimming & Waterpolo €11,342.75
Ladies’ GAA €10,275.00
Caving €9,490.25
Ladies’ Basketball €8,861.25
Weightifting €8,715.00
Gymnastics €8,080.39
Rockclimbing €8,077.90
Taekwondo €7,869.50
Handball €7,700.65
Camogie €7,618.00
Men’s Basketball €7,533.20
Archery €6,620.00
Boxing €6,520.20
Hockey €5,641.00
Equestrian €5,529.50
Karate €5,372.00
Volleyball €5,237.10
Golf €5,095.00
Badminton €5,031.17
Aikido €4,674.00
Cycling €4,633.00
Athletics €4,395.50
Ultimate Frisbee €4,368.81
Squash €4,212.00
Ladies’ Soccer €4,088.46
Ladies’ Rugby €3,385.92
Aussie Rules €2,440.00
Fencing €1,317.00
Jogging €1,148.00
Cricket €65.00


Ruaidhri Croke



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