My Experience at DCUfm

When I first applied for my transition year work experience at DCUfm I had little knowledge about radio or media studies. I was nervous to see whether or not I would find it interesting and what I would be doing.

However I can honestly say that I have learned so much from my time at DCUfm. I had the pleasure to do things others could only dream about. Reading out news and sports bulletins, being in a recording studio, interviewing people, using the RSC system, adding songs to the radios desktop and so much more!

photo 5
It really has given me a taste of what radio is really like and also the great courses that are available at DCU College. It has definitely made me rethink my future career choices.
I have very much enjoyed this experience and I am sad that its coming to an end.
All I can say is a huge thank you to everyone who helped me throughout the week and allowed me to be part of the team and also be on your shows. A special thanks to Sean Defoe and Eoin Sheahan who allowed me to do my work experience at DCUfm and taught me so much. I really appreciated this great opportunity and hope to see DCUfm in the future.

Rosie Mohan



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