A Boiler Room of One’s Own

DCU DJ Society brought the Boiler Room to the Oldbar on Monday last for the second year running. The event, which is an adaptation of the famed underground music show, stepped up security following issues at last year’s iteration with the results providing encouragement for more of the same in the future.

Despite the fact that the setting left something to be desired as far as sound quality goes, the night proved to be a success, with students making their way across from The Kube in The Venue and from The Nubar to enjoy a wide variety of music from an assortment of DCU students.

The crowd were a pretty mixed bag, as GAA shirts co-mingled with plaid pants throughout the Oldbar. The music was a combination of proven night club hits and deeper, more resonant beats, providing for all comers.

Admission on the night was two euro for non-DJ Society members, while membership to the DJ Society was a mere two euro extra, though just two people joined by the end of the night. DJ Society Chairperson Katie Drea admitted that the society would have focus more efforts on securing membership at future events.

Drea was delighted with the night’s success in other areas, however, praising her fellow society members for their work in organising the event. With the line-up based around those who put the most work into the society, competition was given a positive spin.

The DJ Society raised close to €200 on the night, which will be put back into the society to fund equipment and future events. “The money’s going back into the society. We’ll use it for more events so hopefully we’ll have another Boiler Room soon.”

Bryan Grogan

Image credit: rbmaradio.com

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