Christmas Comes Early for Clubs & Socs

With only 23 days until Christmas, DCU Clubs and Societies Christmas Day came to The Hub today from 11am to 3pm as part of Diversity Week. This event included raffles, give aways and much more.

DCU Rag, E Soc, An Cumann Gaelach, Global Brigades and Enactus DCU banded together today to provide a range of activities at different stalls throughout The Hub.

Students could order candy canes from DCU RAG to be sent to other students on campus, with their name on them or anonymously. They were also selling a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. All proceeds raised by DCU RAG are going towards their social projects.

E Soc brought a kissing booth to The Hub. Students had to donate 50c to use it and the money will go to DCU’s Hurling Club. E Soc created a lively and warm atmosphere with Christmas music playing from their stall and their mascot dancing around.

An Cumann Gaelach were selling balloons with a piece of paper in them for a euro. Students had to pop the balloons to get the piece of paper with a prize written on it. From that they won prizes that were laid out on the stall.

A stall were set up by Global Brigades to raise money for their upcoming overseas Brigades. They are aiming to raise over $150,000 to send students to Honduras after Christmas. They were selling Christmas hats for €2 and 12 pubs of Christmas starter kit to prepare their members for their 12 pubs event next Tuesday.

Enactus DCU were selling colouring books and selection boxes. Proceeds are going towards their social project HeadstARTS which empowers and enables people with intellectual disabilities through the arts.

DCU MPS members set up a filming crew in The Hub to gather footage of the event to create a short montage video.

DCU Clubs and Societies Christmas Day is part of DCUSU’s Diversity Week which brings various events to the campus each day this week.

More coverage is to come on Diversity Week in the coming days.

Hayley Halpin

Image: Deirdre O’Sullivan

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