No paint required

We can all agree that college accommodation isn’t exactly like staying at the Hilton. Spending a year in an uncomfortable space isn’t ideal for studying, sleeping or socialising. However, there are cheap, simple ways to turn your room from shack to chic.

1.) A vibrant set of cushions can transform an entire room. Coupled with a cosy throw blanket, it can turn even the coldest, most basic of rooms into a haven of comfort and warmth. Choose something furry to add texture to a room or use bold colours to make a statement.



2.) Whether strung across the ceiling or draped over a bed-frame, fairy lights add a fun, light-hearted element to a room. For something different, buy some cheap sets and place them in empty jam jars; you can even tie some ribbons around them for an extra touch.

3.) Does clutter litter your floor? Are you a self-confessed hoarder? Well never fear, pick up some storage baskets from Ikea. They’ll slot or stack anywhere and come in a spectrum of colours to rival the rainbow. They’re ideal for make-up and stationary and if you’re prone to some organisational OCD, they’ll be your best friend.

4.) Posters are colourful, varied and cheap. Use them to reflect your personality, whatever that may be. From your favourite movie to iconic images, has a colossal range to choose from. Any of you arts and crafts enthusiasts, why not make your own? Go scouting for some vintage postcards, CD cover sleeves, or calendars that you can cut up and put into old picture frames; a personal touch that won’t break the bank.





5.) Rugs are the saviours of interior design. When something is missing or not quite working, a rug ties the whole room together. They create a focal point and make a room instantly warmer, especially on bare floorboards.

6.) A Christmas tree is essential at this time of year. No space? No problem. Just pick some small twigs and branches and place them in a jar. Then, decorate them with lights and baubles and voila; A DIY Christmas tree – some motivation to leave the house for a nature walk too.




Katie Shaughnessy

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