Good fad or plain bad?

Fashion trends change with the wind and that’s no surprise to any of us. However some of the things these fashion cats drag in with them can be more than a little questionable. Here are but a few of these recent fads – are they good or just plain bad?


What a 90s flashback these babies are. They give us a chance to channel our inner Tia and Tamera, but really and truly, are we actually going there again? Is the next step going to be us leaving two strands of hair out on either side of our faces and wearing belly tops with flared jeans again? I for one certainly hope not. I can however appreciate the appeal of the choker. They are bang on trend at the moment and with the right outfit they can actually be really cool. If they fit right they elongate the neck, if they fit wrong they make your neck look like one of those Christmas hams with the string wrapped around it.

Thigh High Boots:

I am all for these on the most part, but I have seen them be worn so, so wrong. I get that we are all trying to capture that pretty woman style with this particular footwear choice, but let us at least try to bear in mind dear Vivian’s profession in the movie. There are ways to wear these boots, and with bare legs and a body con dress is not one of them. A cute skirt and tights is the way to go with these thigh high’s, you’re instantly more Cher from Clueless than Crystal from the street corner.

Alex and Ani:

If there was ever a fashion trend that embodied the phrase “everything in moderation”, it was this one. These bracelets are cute. There is no denying that. They can be a really thoughtful gift and they’re definitely a trend that’s going nowhere fast. I will just say this; you do not need fifteen of these. If you do have fifteen of these, please refrain from wearing them all simultaneously, we can hear you jingling from the top of Collins Avenue as is, and you kind of look like you’re showing off. Three is cute, twenty is over kill.


I almost feel like that’s a bad word at this stage. It’s one of those hairstyles that just spread like wildfire, like spikes and whopper side fringes back in the Dj Cammy days. When a balyage is done well, it’s beautiful and so subtly glam, when it isn’t well done is where the problems arise. If you have black hair, you should not have blonde ends. There should be a blend between the two shades; it should not resemble the stripe on the back of a skunk in any way, shape or form. It might not bother you so much, but think about the people who have to sit behind you in lectures.


Emma Dungan

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