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Niteline is a listening, support and information service run by and for the students of DCU, NCAD, RCSI, TCD, NUIM and other colleges affiliated with those. It is a confidential service offered to students from 9p.m to 2:30a.m every evening of term.

The service is anonymous, meaning that none of the student counsellors can identify you at any point, non-judgemental and non-directive, meaning that they cannot tell you what to do but rather advise you as to the options available to you.

Niteline offers students the chance to talk about any worries or stresses they may be experiencing, be they big or small! The most commonly discussed topics include concerns with academic life, body image issues, feelings of loneliness, relationships, family issues and addiction.

Niteline emphasise that ‘you can call if you simply feel like having a chat or need the number for a taxi after a night out.’

If you would rather not talk over the phone, an instant-messaging type service is also on offer and can be easily found via the website

It is also worth noting that this service has an active presence in the world of social media. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and, of course, via their website.

There is no need to feel alone if you are feeling down, stressed or overwhelmed. A problem shared is a problem halved and Niteline is an ideal outlet to do so!

By Áine Marie Monk

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