Romantic gift ideas


As Valentine’s Day approaches many people find themselves stuck for meaningful presents to give to their significant other. Here is a list of gifts that will not only impress your partner but also save you a bit of money.


Love Jars:

As the name suggest, this is a jar filled with love! On printed or handwritten squares of paper you will need to write down things you admire about your partner, your special memories together, important dates or even silly private jokes. For this to work effectively a good memory would be ideal .You can purchase Love Jars at most gift shops at a low price or simply make one yourself to add that extra personal touch. Materials such as coloured paper, glitter, ribbons, etc will make your love jar look more presentable. This present is guaranteed to pull heartstrings.


Romantic Scavenger Hunt:

Never underestimate the benefits of a good scavenger hunt, especially on Valentine’s Day. For this, you will need to buy various items and hide them in significant places. Give yourself enough time to plan ahead and make sure your gifts are well hidden. Each clue you leave must lead to the next until they manage to find the last gift. This simple activity will be fun for you and your partner. It shows that you devoted time into coming up with this activity meant just for them..


Valentine’s Day Tickets;

Rather than buying your partner many expensive gifts just for one day why not create a ticket system central to Valentine ’s Day. This system requires you to write down things you usually wouldn’t do on a regular basis but would be willing to with due notice. When your partner checks in their ticket you are obliged to treat them to whatever is on the ticket. This gives you time to save money and you can budget the overall cost of each treat. Things like; Dinner for two, Romantic Movie at the Cinema, Breakfast in Bed, Car wash are ideal. Websites such as have free downloadable “love coupons” which you can choose from or just create to suit you


Indoor Picnic:

Surprise your significant other by turning your kitchen or sitting room into a five star picnic room rather than wasting money in an overpriced restaurant. Prep a nice meal for two and don’t forget to have a picnic basket filled with yummy desserts.


Do an activity together:

Most recreational centres offer short term activities that you can pay for in weekly or monthly instalments. Around this time there are offers for couples that you can avail of. Now the activities offered might not be as daring as simultaneously skydiving out of a plane but you can still choose something you both haven’t done before, a water sport or maybe even dance classes? What’s important here is you’re spending time with them and learning something new together.


Zainab Boladale

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