Motion & Policy Document passed by CRC

A document listing every motion passed and discussed by the Class Rep Council dating back to 2011 was put to motion last week to the Class Rep Council (CRC).

It gives details of the title of each motion and amendment, who put them forward, and what date they were brought to CRC and whether the motion(s) were passed, drawn or failed.

The Policy Document & Proposed Motion Lists was compiled by EPL student and activist, Sean Cassidy over a three month period.

“There’s always been a disconnection between the individual and the SU. This is what it does for you. There is value to what’s in the SU,” he said.

Currently, the only system in place to check motions from previous years by viewing the minutes of the Class Rep Council (CRC) meetings. Every registered member of DCUSU will have access to the document.

“It builds an element of engagement, an element of accountability and responsibility. It gives the SU and students a standard to say if we can achieve this then we can achieve more,” he continued.

Cassidy cites UCC SU’s recent “wipe the slate” motion as one of the reasons behind the document. Last year, UCC SU passed a motion which abolished all mandates and policy decisions made by the council in the past five years.

“That’s why this is positive. They had one motion that wipes all previous motions, now we’ll have one motion that solidifies all motions.”

Cassidy will be adding this year’s motions to the document and there will be a mandate that the secretary and education officers will do it in future years.

Finnian Curran

Image Credit: Sean Cassidy


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