Two Referenda set to be held alongside sabbatical elections

Two referenda are set to be held in conjunction with this year’s Student Union elections with voting due to take place across campus from 9th – 11th of March.

One of the questions posed to students will ask whether they want DCUSU to support and campaign for marriage equality for same-sex couples, while the other, will involve the altering of DCU SU’s current constitution to prepare for the merger of DCUSU, St Patrick’s College Drumcondra SU, and Mater Dei Institute SU.

DCUSU currently has had a policy of supporting same-sex marriage since last year but if the referendum is passed it will mandate DCUSU to actively campaign to ensure the marriage equality referendum taking place in May will be passed. If the referendum is passed, DCUSU will have just over two months to organise and promote a campaign supporting same-sex marriage.

The referendum is a result of a petition of over 200 signatures gathered by EPL student Sean Cassidy last week. “This Union referendum offers us an opportunity to engage thousands of our students. They (students) will be better informed and engaged for the national referendum,” he said.

Voting for the elections and referenda will take place from 9th – 11th of March while nominations will be accepted from 16th – 26th of February. Campaigning for the elections will begin on March 2nd. It is not yet known whether the vote will take place via a paper ballot or electronically.

Finnian Curran

Image Credit: Deirdre O’Sullivan


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