Coping mechanisms

Ok, so we all know it can be tough to keep our stress levels under control sometimes. From college to work to home demands life can get pretty complicated and it’s important to remember to take care of yourself. As you get settled into semester two it’s a good idea to make yourself familiar with what coping mechanism works for you now, before the rush of assignments and exams starts. So here are four of my favourite simple and enjoyable de-stressing methods:

An Epsom Salt Bath
An Epsom salt bath is like a DIY trip to the spa. Epsom salts help to draw out toxins from your body and help to relax any muscle tension. Fill a bowl full of Epsom salts and pour them into a steaming hot bath with some lavender. Try to stay in the bath for forty minutes to get the full benefit out of it. Be sure to drink a pint of water before getting into the bath and drink another one while in the bath as the salts will make you sweat. The last instruction is after your bath, get straight into bed. You will be tired and will hopefully sleep like a baby.

Do Some Yoga
Yoga is an excellent mindfulness tool. Some people find it difficult to physically sit down and meditate in silence and if that’s the case then yoga may be the right option for you. Through a series of movements and breathing exercises, yoga is an effective way to switch off. There are plenty of yoga for beginner’s sequences on YouTube that are free and you don’t even have to leave your house to do them. Whether or not you get the benefits from the exercise, the breath work or just taking an hour out of your day to clear your head yoga can be very useful.

Watch A Movie
That’s right, taking some time out to watch your favourite movie can help you de-stress. If you know it’s going to be a busy week, try and set aside the time in your schedule to watch a movie-technology free. Whether it’s a chick flick or a horror film, switch off your phone and relax. Sometimes getting out of your own head for a short time can help to clear it. Equally, sitting down with a good book can achieve the same thing.

Treat Yourself and Socialise
If you would prefer to de-stress with friends why not have a girl’s night in? Cook your favourite meal, open a bottle of wine and start chatting. Talking with friends is a great way to share the load of your stress and to catch up. It depends what you’re looking for from your de-stress method but sometimes socialising with friends is the perfect way to relax and enjoy yourself. A glass of wine alone is a helpful way to relax and sometimes hearing what’s going on in other people’s lives is a great way to make you realise that you’re not alone, everybody stresses from time to time.

These are some easy and cheap ways to de-stress. If you have some money to spend on yourself then you could take a fitness class, get a massage or go away for a night or two.

Pippa Doyle

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