Making banana pancakes

So I love pancake Tuesday as much as the next person, but why should we be doomed to be pancake-less for the other 364 days of the year? That’s just criminal. They do take a good bit of work though. The batter can be so time-consuming to get right and don’t get me started on the mess. So this is my solution; my two ingredient banana pancakes. They are so good, so easy and so much better for you that you could practically eat them every day.

Step 1) Get a ripe banana.

Step 2) Squish the ripe banana. This can be done very easily with a fork but use a food processor if you like.

Step 3) Crack an egg and whisk it in with the banana mixture.

Step 4) Heat a pan to a relatively high heat, about level 5 with some butter.

Step 5) Pour a small amount of mixture into the pan and monitor it. These cook a little differently to normal pancakes and can be hard to flip the first couple of times – but practice makes perfect.

Serve them with Nutella or butter, lemon and sugar – whatever tickles your fancy.
Emma Dungan

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