Man Talk – being a LAD

Let me set the scene: you and your LAD friends are all drinking like the mad LADs that you are. You get hammered, hit the club (Coppers no doubt), then you get a bit of hassle from the bouncer for being too drunk. Upon getting into the night club, you regroup with your legendary mates, who all cheer at the fact that you’ve gotten in even though you’re such a LAD that you’re too drunk to remember your own name. You go to the bar, hoover up a few jagerbombs and maybe swipe a few free drinks off those people who carelessly left them on the bar and turned their backs on them. You fast forward an hour, hour and a half and you are having the time of your life – bumping into everyone on the dancefloor, stepping on a few toes and breathing beer fumes into the face of whatever girl wasn’t fast enough to get away from you.

So now it’s the next morning. All of your sins can be absolved with one simple line: I was so drunk I can’t even remember last night.

Why would you want to get so drunk you can’t remember your night out? Is that not money wasted? Nothing is more annoying than people bragging about how drunk they were or how much they drank or even how sick they got. We all know that how good a night was is judged by how many times you need to wash your t-shirt to get the vomit stains out or by how much of the night your friends spent worrying and looking for you.

I’m not saying don’t drink and to go out sober for the rest of your life. I’ve been to Coppers sober and it’s as bad as having glandular fever and probably the place you’d catch that. Just know your limit, drink at your own pace and don’t be afraid to say you’ve had enough. Don’t try and keep up with your friends if they’re able to drink a lot more than you. It’s not a competition to see who has to go home the earliest. Yes, drinking games are fun but don’t feel ashamed to say you’ve had enough. There is pressure on college students to drink more and more and while some can hack it, some can’t.

Chris Kennedy

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