Clubs: Gorman on interclub events and grant applications

Amongst the hustle and bustle of campaigning for votes and investing time and effort into social media and making their presence on campus known, there is one candidate sitting a little more comfortably. Thomas Gorman, a 1st year Computer Applications student, is the sole candidate for Clubs Officer.



Although it is a one horse race, he has experience of being on the committee of Ultimate Frisbee for two years and thinks that his ideas will have a positive impact on DCU’s clubs. He is aware of the possibility of RON (Re-Opening of Nominations) and has put together a manifesto which he believes will be strong enough to see him get elected.

Gorman wants to see more engagement from the CLC – “I want a rep to come down to training sessions, get a feel for the club and sit down with the treasurer when grant applications are being made”. He also hopes to introduce inter-club events so there is more of a link between them and to “have some fun in clubs rather than just the serious competition”. He is also looking at creating video reels and posters for different clubs “so people have a better understanding and to get the message out there of what clubs are doing and achieving”.

Stephen Murphy

Photo Credit: Thomas Gorman

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