Education: “Class reps are the grassroots of the SU” – Butterly

Jack Butterly, the current Business Convener is running for the position of Vice President for Education. He spoke to The College View to tell us why he’s the suitable candidate for the job.

Butterly feels that the biggest challenge facing the current Class Rep Council (CRC) system is making sure that everybody feels engaged.



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“There are over 300 class reps and this year Gary has made great progress with the training days. I went on one of the training days and 45 out of the 50 who went are religiously at CRC. The biggest thing really is building on further training,” he said.

He deems striking early in the year with training, just after Freshers week, is the best way to get class reps engaged.

Butterly also thinks that the SU campaign weeks, such as SHAG week and Mental Health Week, should be spread out across campus, and not just be centred primarily in the Hub.

“Class reps exist in all four faculties. There’s no reason that class reps can’t be bringing these campaigns to each school.”

“Class reps are the grassroots of the SU. As long as they’re well trained and engaged with their individual classes the SU surely should be seen as being approachable,” he said.

Butterly also believes that his time as Business Convenor has given him the correct experience for the job mainly because all conveners work closely with the current VP for Education, Gary Gillick.

“As a result of being convenor, I have the insights into the academic structures and the academic council. I’ve been on programme board meetings and I feel like I know how to get my manifesto done,” he added.

One of Butterly’s main aims is to establish at 24 hour study space for students in the four weeks leading up to exam times.

“Campus has 24 hour security already so the issue would be where to put it. The current education department, which is based beside the Henry Grattan, is moving to St Pats. I hope that those rooms won’t be used for storage. I want to secure a space like that and make sure it’s known across campus,” he added.

All first year students in St Pat’s will be registered as DCY students come 2016 and Butterly feels says that the biggest thing would be keeping in constant contact with St Pat’s SU as well as Mater Dei SU.

“It will be very confusing for them (St Pat’s students) with two SU’s. I’d have to look after them and the biggest thing would be making sure I’m visible down there.”

Butterly also mentions that conveners should have more responsibilities than they currently have. He believes that each convener should be in charge of each campaign week within each relevant faculty. Conveners currently don’t have an assigned email address for the role and Butterly thinks this should change.

When asked about the Irish question, Butterly says that he will work closely with Cumann Gaelach to make the campus a bi-lingual one.

“I wouldn’t know what to do. I’d have to go to people in the know. I’d need to sit down with Cumann Gaelach, talk to lecturers in Fiontar. I need to know where they feel it’s failing,” he said.“It’s a minority language but at the same time, it’s such an important part of our nationality.”

Finnian Curran
Photo Credit: Jack Butterly

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