Education: Ryan on merging with St Pats, CRC, and the Irish question

Jake Ryan feels that maintaining a high CRC attendance throughout the year is a priority for the incoming Education Officer.

“The biggest challenge is keeping engagement,” he says. “I think it starts off very good and by this time of the year it’s going down.

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Ryan is in favour of introducing more social events for class reps in the second semester to keep interest levels high.

Ryan believes that the upcoming merger of St Patrick’s and Mater Dei with DCU is the “biggest challenge facing DCU in the upcoming year”. He believes that integrating the students of St. Pats and Mater Dei into DCU life should be the SU’s top priority.

“The biggest thing we can do in the first year is with social things such as shuttle buses to and from SU balls,” he says. “The biggest problem is the distance (between the campuses).”

The use of Irish throughout the DCU campus has been a particular topic of interest in this campaign. The constitution of the SU provides for the promotion of a bilingual campus so it is the responsibility of the Education Officer to ensure that measures to implement this policy are encated.

Jake Ryan is also in favour of the promotion of Irish on campus. He believes that offering Irish speaking accommodation will help to promote the language.

“If we can spend money on athletes having housing then why can’t we spend it on Irish speakers having housing,” he asks.

While Ryan believes that it is a student’s right to communicate with their SU officers through Irish he says that he would not be able to provide this service. He states that he would “have to send them elsewhere” if this were to arise.

The issues facing DCU’s student nurses have been brought up during this campaign. Education candidates have outlined their support an easing of the pressures facing student nurses.

Jake Ryan believes that the pressures faced by student nurses are a national issue and that the SU should liaise with the USI to deal with these issues. He does however feel that there are some things that can be done specifically in DCU.

“The SU will have to deal with the allocations officer to deal with where nurses are sent on placement,” he says. “At the moment you might have to get two buses to get there and it’s already an early start.”

John Casey

Photo Credit: Jake Ryan

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