Welfare: Drea on exam stress and healthy eating

Katie Drea is a final year Contemporary Culture and Society student who proposes appointing a Welfare Officer for each of DCU’s clubs and societies “to make it easier for students to talk about their problems with someone they know”.

Drea told The College View she would also like to “bring in puppies at exam time to relieve stress”. “I’m in CCS so I don’t have a huge amount of exams but when I do they’re really stressful. I think this would really help students to relax during exams”.

If elected, Drea added that she’d like to organise “fun cooking demonstrations” aimed at students who are away from home and need to eat on a budget.

Another policy Drea stressed is an anonymous support service for students who have experienced forms of sexual assault. “It’s is a problem that I feel isn’t addressed enough in Ireland and isn’t taken as seriously as it should be.

Elaine Carroll

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