Welfare: Gillian McInerney on sex, consent and communication

Second year Contemporary Culture and Society student Gillian McInerney is the current chairperson of DCU LGBTA and the Equality Officer for Gender and LGBT Issues in the Class Rep Council.

If elected Welfare Officer, McInerney says her biggest priority next year will be a small student assistance fund which she hopes to have ready by September..

“The idea is that there will be a small pool of money raised and put aside for emergency cases. This fund will be a non cash fund so students accessing it would receive food vouchers or Leap Card top ups.”

McInerney told The College View that she also intends to start the conversation about “good sex, consent and communication”.

“Sexual Health is so much more than condoms and STIs” says McInerney “I’d like to broaden the S.H.A.G. campaign to include LGBTQ information and not just for people who are LGBTQ – it’s about thinking outside the box, sexually.”

Elaine Carroll

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