Bringing back the bob

Cutting your hair short is not an easy decision to make and it can be a very daunting idea, you’ve being growing your hair since you were a child, it’s all you know.

It is a decision you won’t regret however, take it from experience. Short hair is great for loads of reasons, here’s just a few.


Less effort

For those girls out there who don’t have all day to straighten, curl or style your hair and just want a quick and easy run to looking great, short hair is the answer. Spend 10 minutes on your hair in the morning and you’re set for the day and night.


It’s healthy for your hair

You can use the most expensive, recommended conditioners and serums but none will make your hair look as healthy and full of life as chopping it up will. Not only will it get rid of those split ends, if you get tired of short hair it will grow back twice as thick as it was before.


Cost effective

If you’re trying to hold on to those pennies short hair will help you out. It’s simple: less hair, less shampoo, less money.


It gives you a mature look

Short hair is sophisticated, plain and simple. It gives you that mature look, not grandma-mature but more like a “Yes, I know what I’m doing with my life” mature. Even if you have no clue at all.


It’s all the rage

From classic beauties like Marilyn Monroe and Halle Berry to the more recent celebs who have taken the plunge, including Kim K and Cheryl, short hair has always been a favourite with the Stars. If it’s good enough for them, surely that’s reason enough.


Carina Canavan

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