What to wear: Internship

Like any other final year student, the inevitable fate is looming its ugly head. Our days are finishing up here in DCU, and many of us fear what’s coming next. So what does any undergraduate do with no money, no experience and a degree that they don’t know what to do with? An internship, of course. We must bid farewell to Coppers Tuesdays and the hangover days getting lost in a ‘3 in 1’ on the couch, and instead email every business/company/publication to secure a position in the hope of getting the dreaded J.O.B. at the end of it.

What’s even more frightening is that we can no longer drag ourselves out of bed at 8am and throw on a DCU hoodie, Adidas tracksuit and runners and slum it to class, but we now must make ourselves look somewhat presentable. The real world does not sound overly-appealing right now, but here are a few simple tricks to make your wardrobe go a long way, without breaking the bank.

  • Investment pieces

Don’t panic; usually when people say an investment piece that usually involves a considerable sum of money. It doesn’t have to be. Get your investment pieces over a period of time, not all at once – that will just break your heart. Invest in a good pair of black trousers, a pair of black heels that you can actually walk in (stay away from high platform wedges please – they are for Coppers not for the office), a classic white shirt that fits perfectly and finally a good coat. If you have the good coat, it can transform even the most simple of outfits.

  • Less is more

I do not mean this in terms of clothing, it’s all about the makeup. Don’t feel the need to spend an hour putting on your face in the morning; that is valuable sleeping time you’ll be missing out on. It looks over-done and you will be making the wrong impression with your new co-workers. Remember, you’re here to impress – you’re now a mature, working woman; fake eyelashes are not in any way acceptable. Go for a minimal, fresh-faced look but do make sure that you are presentable. Clean hair is a must.

  • Recycle, recycle

While it’s so tempting to wear the outfit on repeat, it doesn’t exactly look the best on your character. Especially if you’re working in fashion, you want to impress your potential employers by showing your creative side. Layering is always a great and useful tip when it comes to outfit creation. Pair a crop jumper over a white shirt with black jeans and boots, and use the same white shirt tucked into a pencil skirt with some cute brogues and tights the following day. Obviously ensure your recycled clothes are clean, no one wants to see your foundation marks on your shirt 3 days in a row.


Orlaith Farrell

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