Curly hair hacks

For centuries women have been playing with their hair in the hope of achieving what some of us are ‘lucky’ to be born with – curls. So why don’t we appreciate them more? Ah yes, frizz – what Urban Dictionary defines as ‘the mass of fro-like hair found on one’s head’. So how do we beat this?

Shampoo twice a week –max!
The main culprit of frizz is dry hair. While in the process of removing excess grease, shampoo also strips your hair of it’s natural oils and robs it of it’s natural moisture. Instead, use a natural ‘hair and body soap’, which will solely prevent product build up.

Use a T-shirt to dry your hair
The grooves of a towel cause breakage and absorb all of your hair’s moisture. T-shirts are softer, therefore reduce breakage, and absorb only the excess water. The moral of the lesson? No towel, no foul.
Swap your brush for a wide tooth comb – brushes are great for those with straight hair. The many bristles separate nearly every, single hair, removing any possibility of a kink. For us curly gals though this can be terrible. Separating all these hairs ruins the shape of the curl, creating the unruly, bushy flyaways which we know all too well. The large spaces between the teeth of a comb allow the hair to move between them easily, while still preventing knots and maintaining curl shape.

Make oil your new best friend
Whether you’re using a heavy oil to hold down flyaways, or a lighter oil for added feel and shine, this should be your holy grail product. It doesn’t have to be the latest €30 oil from John Freida. Coconut oil from the supermarket works wonders. Besides the obvious shiny quality it is also a fantastic conditioner and has been proven to aid in the prevention of protein loss in the hair.

Michelle Martin

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