DCU Educational Trust to launch National Education and Research Centre

With alumni who hold a keen interest in the college to businesses investing in their future employees the DCU Educational Trust is gaining some serious investment.

This year will see the launch of a National Education and Research Centre for the GAA in St. Clare’s Sports Grounds which will act as a central hub for development in the sport.

Speaking to The College View, Educational Trust CEO, Steve Aiken, said that he hopes the centre will build on the recent successes by the GAA club.

“The centre is an all-island institution that will be able to reach out across the whole GAA structure to help with coaching, training, education, networking and using technology like that used in the smart stadiums,” Mr. Aiken said.

As well as the new research centre, the Trust is investing into displaying new art across the college that tells the tale of decades of change in Ireland.

“It (the art) is quite important in that it represents a time in Ireland, when you consider a lot of the art is coming from the 50s and 60s where Irish art saw a huge improvement,” Mr. Aiken continued.

As well as much more the Trust will be continuing its investment in a host of programmes including UStart.

UStart is DCU’s entrepreneur start-up competition that sees investment placed into the ideas of graduates, undergraduates and postdoctoral students.

The program has received huge acclaim but Mr. Aiken said that this year they will try much harder to push the program out to the student body.

“One of things DCU needs to do is be much more vocal about how good we are at what we do,” Mr. Aiken said.

The CEO concluded that the future of the Trust’s responsibilities lie in launching their promotion, campaign and continuing to make DCU the ‘college of enterprise’.

Michael Cogley

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