One-line reviews

Action Bronson’s Mr. Wonderful: Two Big Body Bes features on an album is two too many.

RATKING’s 700 Fill: Any album with a Despot feature is worth listening to by virtue of that alone, doesn’t hurt that RATKING themselves are pretty amazing.

The Kanye West at Glastonbury reaction: You’ll find there’s a massive correlation between people being racist and people thinking that music isn’t “real” if it hasn’t got any “real” instruments.

The Jeremy Clarkson situation: Sign the petition, if there’s anything that television is lacking, it’s old, pompous, white, racist millionaires.

Gucci Mane releasing three albums all at once: FREE GUWOP

The year in hip-hop so far: It’s all too much, we’re suffocating under the quality and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping and it’s just all too overwhelming and Future just released another mixtape.

Blur’s return: Seems like Coxon and Albarn are a little too into ice cream, bit weird.

Courtney Barrett: Listen to her new album, Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit and then listen to her older stuff too because she is wonderful and Australian.

Odrán de Bhaldraithe

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