The final showdown; Mac vs Inglot

This is a comparison based on years of make-up wearing and experimenting and I will be judging the two fierce rivals on their eye-shadows.

I am as they say “a Mac gal”; I’m all for Mac skin products and lipsticks and in my opinion they have no competition on that front. While I own many Mac eye-shadows, I think Inglot beat them to the punch in this particular instance. One of the main reasons I have so much love for Inglot eye-shadows is their disturbingly low price in comparison to Mac. They are twice the size and less than than half the price.

As well as this, they last almost triple the amount of time as their Mac counterparts. I have had a go-to, matte brown Inglot shade for almost two years and that is no word of a lie. I recently received a similar every day brown from Mac and I have hit pan in just six months.

From using eye-shadows from both brands it has come to my attention that you need to use a lot less Inglot product to pack on the pigment and their eye-shadows blend a lot easier.

They do however have a downfall. When using a dark-coloured Inglot eye-shadow expect a large amount of pigment to fall onto your cheeks. I recommend either not applying your foundation until your eyes are complete or covering your cheeks with a tissue or make-up wipe during application.

Emma Dungan

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