Why you need to hit Cancun this Summer

Last year my best friend and I decided to finish off an amazing summer in San Francisco by spending all our money on a 5-star getaway to Cancun. I know it sounds expensive but it is 100% worth it and you could actually end up saving money.

The first reason why I would recommend Cancun is of course the all-inclusive resorts. The beauty of these resorts is there is NO catch. You get everything for free once you arrive. Yes, the flights and accommodation can be expensive but it is worth it. When you are lying by the beach with a cocktail and a handsome Mexican waiter bringing you an unlimited supply of food and drinks all day without having to pay an extra cent, you really do see value and not to mention experience paradise. (Of course it is nice to carry a few dollars with you to give your waiter a small tip, but that’s completely up to yourself.)

Secondly, the incredible weather – it is amazing. It obviously depends on the time of year but all summer long you will get a beautiful sunny Cancun. There is the odd thunder storm but sure they’re a bit of craic.

Thirdly has to be the nightlife. Now I know I said you won’t need to spend an extra cent once you arrive and I wasn’t lying (if you don’t leave the resort) but if you want to experience the wonderful nightlife of Cancun you will have to bring some money with you (something that is a must in my opinion). The nightclubs like the resorts are generally all-inclusive as in you pay $50-$60 which includes your transport to the venue, entry and of course an unlimited supply of alcohol for the night. Every night out in Cancun you are accompanied by your hotel reps, who make sure you get to experience all the best venues on the best nights and also that you are totally safe. From pool parties, to UV paint parties to beach parties you are spoiled for choice.

If there is one nightclub that is an absolute must in Cancun it is the famous Coco Bongos. This club has a little of everything. I felt like I was watching a Vegas live show, a Cirque Du Soleil show and dancing to the top 40 hits all in one. It is out of this world and I would go a million times over.

From the weather, to the all-inclusive resort, the friendly staff, to a spring break style night life, why wouldn’t you choose Cancun as this year’s summer holiday destination?

Megan Byrne

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