DCU Drama Springs into action in the Helix

They’ve done a panto, a production of “A Clockwork Orange” and of Shakespearean comedy play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Now, DCU Drama are gearing up for their flagship event, their musical, which this year is “Spring Awakening”.

Directed by Maureen Ward with musical direction from Richard Coady, “Spring Awakening” is a coming of age rock musical which sees young people making their way into adulthood and the challenges and issues associated with this transition. Themes such as sexuality, mental health, abuse and love will be explored, which promises an engaging and thought-provoking night.

Set in 19th century Germany, the original Broadway production is less than 9 years old and has won 8 Tony Awards, including one for “Best Musical”. James Keogh, DCU Drama’s secretary, says that “it’s a new musical with so much character and a very powerful story. It’s a great show for young people to see”.

Melchior Gabor, Moritz Stiefel and Wendla Bergmann are just some of the main characters attendees can expect to see portrayed on the night. It takes place over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night of this week in the Helix.

Preparations and rehearsals for this new and exciting musical are almost over as more than 50 DCU students take to the stage over the three nights.

Rachel Sheary, vice chairperson of DCU Drama, says that “rehearsals have been going great but are pretty strenuous. We began rehearsing in January so it’s been a long enough road.” Keogh paid tribute to the cast, calling them “so dedicated and talented beyond belief. The leads especially are excellent”.

DCU Drama will be hoping to build on the success of last year’s musical, “Cabaret”, which was also set in Germany and attracted capacity crowds to the Helix.

Sheary is hoping “for an even bigger crowd this year with a musical so relevant to our age group”. Keogh says “we’ve got three nights in the Helix so we expect a turnout of over 1,000 people. We will have sold out nights so people should get their tickets as soon as possible”.

Tickets are €10 for students and are available through the Helix box office or by contacting the cast directly.

Stephen Murphy

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