NCAD students receive support from around the world

Students at the National College of Art and Design garnered support from art institutions and individuals from all around the world.

Some 300 students staged a mass sit-in at the college last month, after the college’s director failed to meet them as planned to discuss their concerns for their education.

One week prior to the occupation, over 400 students issued letters of demands to director Declan McGonagle expressing their concerns.

He addressed students at St Catherine’s Church the next day, from which cameras and members of the media were excluded.

When students emerged from the meeting, they appeared dissatisfied.

Students are outraged that €104 million in funding went unaccounted for by the college.

The final year degree show, lack of resources and lack of clarity surrounding charges are also major concerns.

Forty NCAD staff members issued a letter of support to the students the day after the mass sit-in.

The majority of the teaching staff was present at the occupation.

Staff members expressed their frustrations over lack of funding and resources on the day and blamed the college’s senior management.

Members of the senior management do not teach or partake in the day to day runnings of the college, according to students.

NCAD students have received support from artist Jesse Jones and literary critic Terry Eagleton, as well as trade union SIPTU.

The University of Amsterdam, where art students are protesting and calling for the democrastisation of the institution, also issued statements of support to NCAD students.

Support has come from the University of the Arts in London, where protests are also ongoing as students claim the university is prioritising financial gain ahead of the education of its students.

Laura Colgan


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