Roz Purcell suit collection hits stores

Dubbed the ‘eat-clean’ domestic goddess as well as former Miss Universe, Rozanna Purcell is splashed across every magazine, newspaper and website as of late. Her latest accolade involves fashion design.

The Tipperary beauty announced her suit range, Scribe by Roz, at the VIP Style Awards in 2014 and after 12 months of orders, the collection will hit stores this month.

Purcell revealed that her collection will be featured in one of Ireland’s most luxurious and popular stores, House of Fraser in Dundrum Shopping Centre.

“My suits are finally going into House of Fraser so obviously they are all custom-fitted so it’s a three day service they do in house at House of Frazer in Dundrum,” she told “I’m hoping to expand my colours to red, Jennifer Aniston wore that deep red and I loved that and I want to do navy blue. It’s launching on the weekend of the 9th, 10th and 11th of April.”

The collection has already become popular with Irish celebrities such as Sarah Morrissey and Fair City actress Vivienne Connolly, who are fans of Purcell’s laid-back, elegant look.

Roz has stepped out on the red carpet numerous times, adorning perfectly-fitted suits that enhance her beautiful features.

Orlaith Farrell


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