The most annoying sayings about leaving college

For some of us the end is nigh, and while this is all very exciting it is also rather annoying – here’s why;

“Oh my God finished college already what are you going to do now?”

I don’t know. I have less than no idea. I will probably sleep a lot more and continue to do more or less exactly what I do now until my mother gives out to me.

“You finish college this year don’t you? Does that mean you’re available to work more hours?”

No. No it does not mean that. I did not go to college and graduate so that I could work more hours in this shop. Let me go!

“Finished college now missy you’d want to start paying rent.”

But Moooommm isn’t the joy you get from me being here payment enough?

“No sorry this student card is out of date.”

You’re seriously going to do this to me? I’m not even finished a wet week and you’re taking away my student discount. This is an outrage. Does this mean I don’t get two for one Wagamamma’s anymore?

“So what can you do with that degree now?”

Well. To be totally honest with you I didn’t really think I’d get this far so I’m not entirely sure yet. I’m going to stick it on the fridge for now I guess. Show it to my gran maybe.

“God you’re a real adult now it’ll be time for the wedding soon!”

That would be a fine yeah if I had an other half of any sort but sound, thanks for pointing that out – really appreciate it.

“It seems like only yesterday you were starting school.”

Well it wasn’t yesterday Aunty Margret, it was about seventeen years ago now but thank you for the clichéd statement.

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